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YouTube promotion bouns youtube.com Create and publish a video review of our program Reward bonus: from 10 ruble to 1000 rubles Your review should include detailed information about the Cryptotown.club marketing program, a display of your personal account and an example of creating a deposit or withdrawing an order. Promotion conditions: You should have active deposit. Ypu have to show your username when you make the video. Your review must be opened to public of your channel whole life time of our program. We accept only hight-quality video and conference with your voice and good preparation. Your channel must have more that 500 subscribers and your video must have more that 99 views. Bounty amount depends on quality, views amount and popularity of your channel. More potential partners will see your review - higher reward you get. We do not work with channels with fake audience (this is easy to check). The bonus will be added to your withdrawal balance within 10-24 hours after our manager verifies your request. Contact us in our programs with your username and your video. You have

Rcaptcha Problem

Hello, We find some bugs in the Rcaptcha when you register and we are trying to solve it, We think we fix it just clean your cach in your pc and you will see it please check these video will help you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRTndF8-W8Y Thanks Admin

COMPETITION! In honor of start our project


Creative contest!
Dear friends! We bleave that the audience of the project they will grown and many of you will have achieved serious results becouse of our nice project. For a little more that a month the amount of the players will grown and increases every day In honor of this momentous event we decided to bring you some happiness!.

The terms of the contest are pretty simple:
Your task is to shoot a video which is connected with our projected in any way.

It can be:

  • video-review of the site with a reference
  • your site review
  • you can tell in it about your achievements
  • or you can use your imagination and, for example, shoot a funny video (for instance, put on a gnome costume and dance on the street, youre your imagination is not being restricted!)
Important! Under the video its obligatory to give the link to the site (can give your referrals one).

Ive shot a video. Whats next?

Upload your video on YouTube and share the link in our special block on our site and then we will allocate it. ( https://cryptotown.club/competition.html )

Also all the participants having sent us the video get a pleasant bonus of 35000 Gold for buyings!
You can shoot the video using different gadgets (phone, webcamera, videocamera, videoregistrator, tablet, etc.).

In one video several participants can take part. In the case of victory the prize money will be divided between the players in equal parts, the main thing is to inform about nicknames in good time.

You can send several videos but youll get Gold twice only if the videos are absolutely different! For example: if you shoot two video-reviews of the site with your references then youll get your Gold only ones.

The dates of ending of the project will be announced beforehand after having enough videos. Attentively follow the news.

  • 1st place - 404 00 Gold on the account for buyings
  • 2nd place - 242 00 Gold on the account for buyings
  • 3d place - 121 00 Gold on the account for buyings
  • Incentive prize - 80 00 Gold on the account for buyings to all players who will send the video. (It is credited immediately after making the video available).
Who are the judges?
All participants of the project can vote!

As the contest is creative then some kind of zest which everybody should invent will help you win. You know, it is uniqueness that will help you become the winner. Bit victory is not the main thing as all the participants will get incentive prizes!

Wish you good luck!

Increasing of the referral

Dear Crypto lovers users invited referrals will be increased to 30%! Enlarge your manufacture! Good luck in your work!


Dear friends! Long-expected project CryptoTown has opened! In future youll meet with many interesting innovations and competitions! Follow the news.

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